The Cadets Volunteer Association

The Cadets Volunteer Association is a support group for members, staff and volunteers of The Cadets. Through their mission, they aim to to help make their world a better and safer place. Using combined skills in varying fields, the volunteers assist teaching responsibility and teamwork to help support the true heroes of tomorrow, our youth.

Volunteering with The Cadets is an extremely rewarding experience. You'll help improve the lives of hundreds of young people and become a member of The Cadets' family, one that stretches 85 years!

The Cadets takes a lot of work and coordination. Below are some areas where we can use your help.


To serve and protect the members, staff and volunteers of The Cadets.

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Positions Needed

Drivers/Fleet Maintenance

The Cadets owns a fleet of nine vehicles that require regular care and maintenance. We need CDL and regular licensed drivers during the winter and summer months to help power the corps down the road.

Food Service

We provide four meals per day for approximately 220 people. All food is prepared on our mobile, full-service commercial kitchen. A crew of 6-8 volunteers is needed at a time to adequately staff the truck. Little to no experience is required.

Medical Professionals

Medical personnel help ensure the physical well being of our members. We are looking for Registered Nurses, Doctors, Physical Therapists, Trainers and other licensed health care professionals.

Sewing Crew

Uniforms and costumes require alterations, mending, and washing throughout the season. You'll play a crucial role to keep them in top shape for performances.


Providing much-needed financial support for The Cadets, the merchandise team travels on tour selling merchandise at shows. The team manages inventory and supplies and opens and closes the merchandise booth.

Event Staff

The Cadets hosts five drum corps shows each summer as well as other alumni and fan-based events. Volunteers are needed to help set up the events and work various duties.


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About Us

Our Mission is to support the development of young people into magnificent human beings through participation in the performing arts.


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