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Created on Monday, 05 Aug 2019 12:23:16

uniforms.pngBeing a member of The Cadets does not end after the final performance at the World Championships. The memories of being a Cadet stay with members for the rest of their lives. 

In this historical season for the corps, we are providing an exclusive opportunity for members, parents, supporters and alumni to own a piece of that history while helping to secure the future of The Cadets.

The corps is making the uniforms from the 2019 production available immediately following the season as a remembrance of one of the most thrilling and emotional programs in Cadet history. Members of every section of the corps can own their exact uniform they took the field in over 30 times this summer.

For a $250 contribution, supporters will receive the top hat of the member they select adorned with a special engraved plate acknowledging the 2019 season. Colorguard members will receive a set of flags from the year for the same amount.

For a $500 contribution, supporters will receive the complete 2019 uniform including the top hat from production. Colorguard members will receive their uniform and set of select flags from the year for the same amount.

The Cadets are also continuing a new tradition that connects with their long history by re-introducing the buckle as a memento of participating as a member of the corps. For a $150 donation, donors will receive a buckle similar to the one worn each year by generations of The Cadets engraved with a special message to a current or former member.

Being a Cadet has a unique and special significance to each member who has ever worn the uniform. Help secure the future of The Cadets with a generous donation to the corps and celebrate a piece of Cadets history in return.

To own a piece of Cadets history, click here.


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